Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Has anyone else had trouble posting on the other blogs? I can't seem to do so - it tells me I can't - ???

Little Big Planet 2: Da Vinci's Rookie Test

Maria's concept map on new Media

“All existing media are translated into numerical data accessible for the computer. The result: graphics, moving images, sounds, shapes, spaces, and texts become computable, that is, simply sets of computer data. In short, media becomes new media” (Manovich, 2001, p.25).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Evan's week 5 post, concept map 2

As my concept map shows, new media is new because of it's novelty (perceived or actual), it's ability to be duplicated, and the ability to change content and/or structure.

In terms of novelty, the major factors are when the idea gets accepted by the earliest adapters and elite, when the idea is accepted by the mainstream, and when this idea finally turns into an actual artifact. A perfect example of this is the idea of a computer and the Internet to store information on and connect people virtually. This idea was ignited when Vannevar Bush dreamed of a 'memex'-- a device which could augment human memory; or during the 1960's when Douglas Engelbart first demonstrated the use of a user interface, a mouse, and a word processor. Both of these men were ahead of their times and it took some time for their radical ideas to catch the public's attention, and then to finally be built.

The question of New Media

This is overdue but nonetheless I'll put it up.

I was pretty intrigued with the question of what new media is. It's something that is mentioned and spoken of constantly in media and technology circles, especially with the rise of Web2.0 technologies. Midway through the current decade blogs, online video streaming services and social networks were considered "new media" and everything created before that would then concurrently be considered "old media"?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Comments about Manovich Concept Map - by: Kate

As seen in my Prezi, I outlined what I found to be most helpful, which were the guiding principles. I find this to be the most important because it solidifies what "new media" is vs. what I thought it was! I feel enlightened!! My Prezi links Manovich with examples of New Media and then I take it one more step and provide examples of the New Media I have created and interact with on a daily basis. By doing this extra piece, I was able to 'translate' what I had experience with to what Manovich principle's of New Media -

Manovich Concept Map