Sunday, January 30, 2011

Power Point Concept Map

I have created a concept map with power point, but I am in the midst of creating a Prezi to explain the concept map - but it was taking too long - so I worried I wouldn't have it ready!

As you can see I start with Constructionism in the far left corner influencing Papert and Papert influencing constructionism. I weighted Piaget almost as equally influential to constructionism, because of his impact on Papert's theory of how children learn without curriculum and without deliberate teaching. Due to this he was able to develop a program LOGO that he states isn't the future of education (p. 182), but is a model of what can surely happen in the future of education. It is a sample of the computer culture emerging - he stresses that children should be immersed in this language and that it is the same context as if they were living in France and learning French!

More than a decade later, Kafai researches how children learn while programming - exactly what Papert was exploring in 1980. Kafai's findings reveal exactly what Papert was predicting. Children immersed in the computer culture will adapt to it rather quickly - not only this though, Kafai argues this environment is complex and offers pedagogical interventions for all subject matters at hand: Language Arts and Mathematics (and all other subject matters at hand).

Both Papert and Kafai call for children to be active participants in their learning resulting in products or artifacts that prove their abilities in this culture - the Computer Culture (aka Technology Age). And even though Papert was ahead of the times, this IS a culturally new way to learn and to assess children which calls for educators to be willing to learn this new culture and way of learning.


  1. So! Now that you have had a chance to use both Prezi and Powerpoint to create your maps, which do you think supports the ideas of Constructionism more? I think it is great that you went out of your way to try both types of technology!!!

  2. I like Prezi better, but I think they both support Constructionism - however, maybe Prezi supports it more (just by a hair) only because of the diversity and the creativity that can be utilized more 'easily' - I can also make the connections more clearly - add more - zoom in and zoom out - etc. There's just more 'flexibility' with it - oh an it is all on "one" slide vs. having to make several slides to do the same thing in PP. What do you think?