Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi! Welcome to your new blog! To get started, you need to create a group identity. Discuss with your group and decide on a new title for your blog. Also, please choose any theme you would like to further your group's identity. To communicate, you can use the Oncourse groups to email one another. We noticed that your group had a lot of things in common, including an interest in videogames, MMPORGs, and other "extreme" learning technologies.

This blog is: Public

The TA that will help you get started is: Charlene Volk


  1. Hello, Everyone!
    I just wanted to see if this works!

    Also, any ideas for our title? Thoughts I have are: "Extreme Learning" or "X-treme Techno-Learning" ----- I dunno! Throw out some ideas and we can go from there.....:)

    Finally, we've been having a fun time with Scratch - how about you?! Any questions? Comments? I'll write more later about Scratch. Looking forward to reading your comments. -Kate

  2. Hi all,

    It seems to be working fine, Kate :) Got your message.

    Hmm, here's a couple of thoughts about our title:
    1. "wow... the learning crusade" (I was just looking at my world of warcraft expansion box :P )

    2. "Media mads and learning looneys"

    I have started playing with Scratch a bit too and i like it. I will blog about it soon, but for now, scratch fun!


  3. Hurray!
    WOW! The Learning Crusade - that has a ring to it and it's a nice play on words! I can hear the excitement in your voice when you mentioned the WOW expansion box! :)

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

  4. I think the "Learning Crusade" or the "Learning Crusaders" sounds good. I am sorry that I haven't posted sooner this week. I am going to try to work on this class much sooner in the week from here on out. I am excited to be a part of this group and see what we can all contribute.


  5. You guys are hilarious.

    Wrath of the New Media? World of Learncraft?

  6. I am not a gamer at all (though I have killed a few pigs with some angry birds in the past few weeks), but I actually really like the sound of "World of Learncraft".

  7. Hey Guys

    Sorry for the late post. I'm having connection issues of note and it doesn't help that I live a distance from campus. I like the sound of the Learning Crusaders. As a kid from the 80s/90s I was thinking of something like "The Mighty Morphing Learning Rangers" ;-) But if Learning Crusaders is the groups' most preferred name I wouldn't mind that at all.

  8. World of Learncraft made me smile, too! But I like what we have now, too!

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