Friday, May 6, 2011

Concept Map 5

For this weeks readings, I was most impressed with the ideas of the power of actually creating something. There was a real sense of accomplishment when I was actually creating stuff with my daughter during my DIY project. The sense of accomplishment was really nice. Sometimes in graduate school, there are always so many big projects that you are working on, it is difficult to feel like you accomplish anything. Many jobs are like this too. Perhaps something that I have learned from this is that it is important to set smaller goals and projects that you can have within larger projects so that you can get some of the sense of accomplishment.

Justin's Concept Map 4

The connections between the Reas, Dewey and Peppler papers have lots of great connections. I think the connections that I think were most interesting deal with the creation of actual artifacts, whether digital or physical. Art doesn't have to just be painting, sculpture or even music; it can be a mashup or a computer program. Lots of experiences can be very powerful as someone goes through the process of creating something.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Justin's Concept Map 3

So I finally am finishing up my concept maps and it has been a great activity to look for the connections between the articles and the other class material. I even found a pretty good mind mapping software through the Mac App store called MindNode. There is a Free version (which I am using because I am a cheap-skate), and a pro version which lets you embed pictures, links, and some more features which look pretty good. Anyway here is my Concept Map #3.