Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maria's Scratch studio project

This week I have spent a few hours on creating my Scratch project. It is nothing complicated, pretty simple… A boy asking you to go in a music store, listen to music and dance. The audience (you) must type “Yes”, in the textbox to accept his invitation and then enter the store. Once you do that, there is music around with a vinyl disc running and the boy break dancing. Not nearly as complicated as the projects on the Scratch site…

Justin's Game for Kids

So this week, we got a couple of iPads to use for the Computers in Education classes that I teach along with others and I am fascinated by the number of educational apps. My 5 year old, and even my 18 month old have enjoyed looking at some of the apps that I downloaded.

So for my scratch project I changed my mind and made a little kids game to hear the name of a few shapes. So here is my project. It was fun thinking about what I could do with the game.

Digital Legos

Hello everyone! Below I found this link that 'Mashable' wrote about digital Legos. I thought it was really cool and very relevant to this class, so I decided to post it. Maybe it could also help you get inspiration for this week's Scratch project!

If you had these digital Legos, what would you use them for?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My conceptual concept map...

I like the idea of concept maps. In theory it makes sense to link what you read in a manner that shows the bonds of ideas and "concepts" that are overriding through them. In fact this is something new to me in that I normally just read and regurgitate what I expect my teachers expect me to know and learn from the set reading list: X + Y = XY; this theory is thus because it is written so and thus it shall be known.

I have trouble relating ideas together because of past pedagogical experiences where it was about how much information you stored and not necessarily how they worked together to form one coherent idea or a pervasive idea among many ideas. I guess that is why I second guessed my first concept map. I read the readings and highlighted the most poignant thoughts, in my view, and from that I opted for a circular chart of concepts from the 3 readings.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Layout of the Blog =)

I just wanted to let you know that I have edited some of the posts on the blog. With some users loading the blogs from phones or people with slower connections, it is sometimes difficult to load the pages. To work around this, I added page breaks to hide the images. When you click on the actual post, however, it will open up and show everything as you intended

To add a page break, simply press the button next to the video button. It looks like a ripped page, called Insert Jump Break. This will create a break in your post so that it is easier to read. I hope this helps!!! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kate's Prezi - A rough look of concepts via prezi

Evan's first concept map

So, the theme for this week's blog is “how do people learn in new media”? However, for my concept map, I started with how people learn in general. I decided to deviate from the main theme because I feel that, while 'new media' does enhance the learning experience, it still doesn't fundamentally change the learning experience. For example, 'new media' like twitter or blogs may create more avenues for learning and sharing within a community, it is still important to be able to learn through externalized artifacts, create opportunities for both top down and bottom up learning environments, and record and reflect upon what you learned. To reiterate, it is most important to perfect the process of learning, and then integrate the technology.

Power Point Concept Map

I have created a concept map with power point, but I am in the midst of creating a Prezi to explain the concept map - but it was taking too long - so I worried I wouldn't have it ready!