Sunday, January 30, 2011

Evan's first concept map

So, the theme for this week's blog is “how do people learn in new media”? However, for my concept map, I started with how people learn in general. I decided to deviate from the main theme because I feel that, while 'new media' does enhance the learning experience, it still doesn't fundamentally change the learning experience. For example, 'new media' like twitter or blogs may create more avenues for learning and sharing within a community, it is still important to be able to learn through externalized artifacts, create opportunities for both top down and bottom up learning environments, and record and reflect upon what you learned. To reiterate, it is most important to perfect the process of learning, and then integrate the technology.

Another point that I try and show in my concept map is how learning through artifacts and community sharing leads effects an individual's concepts of ideas. Once new knowledge is learned, it challenges our preexisting our schema. We then have to assimilate our schema to fit this new found knowledge, which then lead to understanding more complex and abstract concepts. I also categorize schema with 'wonderful ideas' and abstract ideas with 'powerful ideas'.

So far, my biggest experiences have been through learning via an open, exploratory environment (Scratch), as well as learning through a community setting (VoiceThread). I have also had experiences with designing, planning, building, and researching for projects throughout my undergraduate experience. As I reflect on many of these projects, I remember how I interacted with my team members, how my team interacted with AI's, and how we went through each step of the design process. Sometimes, technology like skype or Google Docs have helped mediate our team collaboration, but in the end, what really matters is how people interact and share knowledge with each other (a concept that Papert emphasizes).


  1. Hi Evan! Just a quick note in response to your reflection. I think that you try to make a point that it is important to first "perfect the process of learning” but the integration of said technology seems to be more of an afterthought. Could you please clarify this for me? I am wondering if you meant that you don't think that the part of perfecting the process of learning is accepting the integration of technology. It looks as though you are taking a stance to reject the use of technology by handwriting a concept map. Thanks for clarifying! Kate

  2. Hello Kate. Sorry for the late response. I have had some technical troubles and have not been able to make comments.

    I see how you could easily be confused about how I made little connection to technology and 'learning in new media'. Upon further reflection, I think the point I was trying to (and failed to) get across was that technology and new media can be used to enhance learning at every stage of the learning process, but technology is not the root of learning-- the process is more important.

    When I made my concept map, I was thinking about how you can't just throw technology into a situation and get students to learn. Both teachers and students have to be accepting of change, curricula have to be adjusted, and teachers and administrators have to know where to look when issues arise (technical and otherwise).

    It is interesting that you noticed how I drew my concept map instead of making it on the computer. I chose to do it this way because I was having trouble with making more bubbles and connecting them in ways I wanted to on the computer).

    I realize that technology, when used in the right ways, with people who are willing to learn, and in the ideal environments, can have a big impact. I would change my concept map to say 'technology and new media' (if used correctly) through 'constructionism' enhances 'learning through experience'.

  3. Hi Evan!

    I appreciate that you are using paper for your concept map. I used tracing paper for mine when I was in the class. In the future, please make it a bit easier to read. It is hard to read what you put on as your main ideas (and I am sure they are awesome!). I wanted to respond more but it was hard to see =)

    I am all for readable, low-fi concept maps!!!

  4. Thanks, Evan for clarifying - I was a bit confused. But your explanation makes complete sense and I understand better your connections - I also like how you ended with "Technology and new media through constructionism enhances learning through experience." I only noticed the paper because I was confused on your links - but now I get it! Thanks! Kate :)