Sunday, February 13, 2011

Comments about Manovich Concept Map - by: Kate

As seen in my Prezi, I outlined what I found to be most helpful, which were the guiding principles. I find this to be the most important because it solidifies what "new media" is vs. what I thought it was! I feel enlightened!! My Prezi links Manovich with examples of New Media and then I take it one more step and provide examples of the New Media I have created and interact with on a daily basis. By doing this extra piece, I was able to 'translate' what I had experience with to what Manovich principle's of New Media -

I constructed what it meant to me by using experiences I have had with new media! I highlighted these relationships within the same Prezi of constructivism because I am reflecting on my thinking and experiences to construct my own definition of new media. The scholars that brought me to this enlightenment should also be a part of the concept map, too.

Manovich is not sharing with readers how to 'construct' knowledge - like Papert and Bers or Resnick and Kafai were suggesting. However, he does help the reader construct new knowledge by connecting the old with the new through examples we can all relate to, for example, film photography vs. digital photography - when he was discussing pixels, I thought of phonemes. Of course, what I constructed might be different than the rest of the class. I look forward to reading each other's maps and comments to further solidify New Media in my mind!

But for now, I know this:
Computers, iPods, iPads, calculators, and digital phones = tools
Objects made/retrieved with these tools = New Media (digital "objects")


  1. PS. There are images of my map at the bottom of this blog - I took some screen shots so you wouldn't have to go through the prezi - if you don't have time.

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  3. Heya Kate!

    I wanted to say that I love your prezi idea and how it is connecting all of the ideas in the course. How would you connect Manovich to Resnick, or perhaps, Kafai? It seems like Manovich is on an island all by himself. Think about some of the ideas he is talking about and how Scratch might utilize them.

  4. Hi Charlene,
    When I was adding to the Prezi - I added Manovich after the theory was discussed - ie: he explains the objects created as a result of technology and constructivism - then I connect Manovich to the examples of new media (and my experience with new media) after the definition of New Media - but unless the Prezi is played one might miss that connection - is that what you were looking for? I'll add an arrow here and there to also help that visual. Thanks for the feedback! Kate

    I would say that Resnick and Manovich are connected because Resnick has created a new media tool that allows a user to construct new media objects - at all levels almost every level of the process. While working with Scratch, one might also make connections to the programming language that is required to learn in order to understand how the objects are made -

    Manovich is not alone - I'd say there's a bungy cord that is bouncing between the two: theory and application ;) ??? Yea or Nea?

  5. PS. The bungy cord analogy can be interpreted like so:

    theory - what goes up must come down -

    application - the objects allowing a person to 'jump' to test the theory resulting in a combination of testing a theory AND applying that theory to create new objects to take that theory to the next level - skydiving, rollercoasters, etc.

    I don't know maybe - maybe not -

    theory - learning is experiential, situational, and constructive

    application - creating new media objects and tools to create new media

  6. I went back through the Prezi -
    I connect "THE IDEAS" with Papert - which I discuss as Papert does

    then I connect it to Manovich - because he explains the history of "THE IDEAS" that have resulted in New Media -

    which then I connect to Examples of New Media - including Resnick's Scratch -

    and finally I share how I was able to understand New Media with examples of objects I have created - organizing the examples within the principles Manovich discusses.

    I conclude with questions that Kylie posed to the class - with a few more connections -

  7. Ha! I love it. I think too that the bungy cord could be an idea about how what we are doing in digital media is being pulled around in different ideas. Does that make sense? We are all using it in ways that may not be exactly what the original author had meant but it works well in the situations that we are participating in.

    I love the new connections. By the end of this semester, you are going to have a pretty awesome artifact! You should frame it as a picture and hang it in your house =)

  8. Thanks! I like that bungy cord addition - that is so true!! And being a photographer - I can absolutely seeing myself making this a collage to print and mount! I'm even having my girls do a map for their Academic Fair this May! How fun!!! :)