Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tonight, I worked on my DIY project(s) - I have taken odd socks and cut the toes off and slipped them onto glass jars to decorate the storage the girls use for their art supplies. I have been collecting the glass jars for some time, now. I kept some of them sock-less in order to see the objects. However, I have created slipcovers out of socks for the other jars in order to hide the glue/labels.

I found this idea on the internet when researching upcycling ideas - Upcycling is recycling/reusing items - but to an extreme! When one upcycles, they are taking their reused items and "spruce'n'" them up to be a bit more than a reused item - it is conceptually a different item. For example, what use to be a plastic bag is now a piece of fabric which has been sewn into a wallet. Another example are the socks - which are no longer socks - they are slipcovers!

Below is a website that shows how to fuse plastic - in order to make wallets, bags, bibs, and much more. Below the website link is a photo of the "orphan socks" project that inspired my slipcovers for my art jars! More to come about my specific projects this weekend!


  1. ooh! I like your mod of the project for storing things! Love this idea -- makes me want to buy cute socks just so I can use them for a project like this down the line! Can't wait to see what the final project looks like! How is the plastic fusing going?

  2. I am keeping some of the girls favorite snack sacks to fuse for another project! I love the fusing process - :) I am even thinking that if I bought some cork, I could probably make coasters with some of the girls favorite bags of candy or snacks. Or if I wanted to get really artsy - I could buy foamboard and use spray adhesive to attach it to the fused "skittles" bag and then decorate their bathroom with candy or snack bag "artwork" - I haven't figured it out yet, just brainstorming!