Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maria's DIY adventures

So this week I experimented with a couple of DIY stuff. This year, I wanted to learn how to make my own bread, and I have to say, I am enjoying the process. Now that I am becoming an "expert" baker (not), I started making alterations... Adding sunflower seeds, nuts, cranberries, etc. It is so tasty! Lately, I started experimenting with the baking process: Instead of putting it in the stove, I am taking the dough and I toast it... making paninis! My latest invention was the banana bread... it tastes delicious :) I looked online for some recipes but I ended up making alterations and coming up with my own version of banana bread.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this video:
It is a very interesting video, showing different types of DIY communities and DIY ideas. We are all makers was the phrase that made the greatest impression to me. By nature, we grab stuff and we manipulate them, we create products, we express ourselves and we are being creative. From bread making and all culinary arts, to crafting, to video creations and to remixes.

I decided to create a video to upload on YouTube (haven't decided on the topic yet). I created videos a few years ago, but never thought the creation process in terms of the topics we explore this semester. I think that the future of new media is leaning towards a kind of interactive participation that allows people to create freely, but also to create discussions around the products. It seems to be a future that affords opportunities for collaboration to a greater extent and for creative expression.

The DIY spaces also provide opportunities for collaboration and creative expression. People can take what is out there and generate new ideas (powerful ones, like Resnick argues) and come up with new forms of DIY products. For examples, the LilyPad provides opportunities for people to create all sorts of products and to participate in the communities in their own, unique ways. I think that, and the conductive paint projects (Sketchbook) and work that the MIT lab leads is a very powerful media that alters the way we look at participatory learning and creativity.


  1. Ha! The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir is awesome!!!!! Thank you for find and sharing this =) Makers are creating spaces for technology and art, where we make things just for the sole purpose of enjoyment of the process and the pride in which we think about our items. I totally relate to this video. I felt so darn happy for creating the cupcakes, or the pictures at really doesn't matter what it is. I feel happy because I am creating and proud that I can carry out ideas with.

    I think that you producing videos will help you establish an identity that is not just one of a student but one of a person that is creative and curious.

  2. Charlene,

    I totally thought of you and your cupcakes when I saw the moving cupcakes. They are awesome!!! :D

    Yes, I think I will go ahead and start playing with iMovie a bit and brainstorm some topic ideas.

  3. Ooh, the banana bread sounds delicious! What will your video be about? Just wondering but perhaps we'll get to see the bread making in action? Also, what's your thoughts on how to craft these discussion forums to make them productive learning experiences?

  4. I think you should bring in banana bread to one of our meetings. The proof is in the experience!! =)