Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cupcakian Adventures - DIY Project

Hi everyone!

I am continually inspired by the awesome studio projects that you are doing. I am a guild leader of a large World of Warcraft group. We have a particularly large female gamer base, and this last weekend, we decided to have a virtual girls night. We talked about the project and decided that I should focus baking. But, it gets better! My friend Joan (Waterlilies, H-Malganis) turned me to the website Bake It in a Cake. This site is hilarious! Basically, you take things and bake them into other things, such as Cadbury Eggs in Brownies or Peanut Butter cups in a cupcake! How fun!!

I had some donut holes leftover from this morning's breakfast run to Square Donuts. I also had some colorful sanding sugar from Cake and Bake, as well as a book called Hello, Cupcake! Why not mix it all together?

So, to start, I thought I would take a picture of all the ingredients! It really calls for 3 eggs but as I was positioning the camera, one of the eggs rolled off the counter and onto my foot.

After putting the girlscout cookies and donut holes into the muffin tins, I realized that I would need to put cupcake batter around them. I would recommend at least coating the tin first and then adding the additions.

After putting them in the over at 325 degrees for 20 minutes, they came out a bit lumpy. I realized that I also overfilled the tins, especially in an attempt to cover the donut holes.

One cupcake did not quite make it out of the tin. My husband and I sampled it and it was SO GOOD!

I made some alien cupcakes using green dye. After microwaving it for 30 seconds, it was easy enough to dip the cupcakes. The icing would not stay on correctly - I think I overheated it!

After the alien failure, I decided to just grab a flamingo and color the rest of the cupcakes with sanding sugar. I added a cute flamingo to make it look fun =)


  1. Charlene,
    This is so awesome! Were we suppose to make our DIY this weekend? I feel like I saw that it wasn't actually due until April 17th? I just posted what I will be doing vs. what I have done! Ahh, I hope I am on track!!! Let me know. These do look like a ton of fun to make - I will have to do this with the girls. Thanks for sharing!!! I love new media - the instant gratification to get new ideas daily!! How wonderful is that?!

  2. I love this :) Charlene, it would be fun to make a movie of how those cupcakes are done, like the stop motion videos on Youtube :) And add fast music for the background :D.... and name it "the birth of a cupcake"

  3. @Maria - That is a super idea! I have never done a stop motion movie. How fun! I wish I had to skills to do it - it is something I would need to read up on and go from there =)

    @Kate - no, no! I was just posting this to give everyone an idea of what we are looking for. Do not fret - you are fine!