Sunday, February 6, 2011

Evan's Scratch Studio project - Week 4

For my project, I expanded upon my 'story' theme that I tried out a few weeks ago. However, instead of just continuing my project from last time and ending up at the same road blocks, I started fresh. I did encounter some new challenges. For example, I wanted one my dancers to move around the screen. I tried using a combination of 'change x/y by 10' motions blocks, as well as the 'if on edge, bounce' block. However, my sprite got stuck at a corner, so I ended up using a 'glide' motion block.

Unfortunately, I still encountered my old problem of changing the background and clearing the sprites. I was able to change the background via the 'broadcast' block (I am glad I learned an easier way to do something. However, I was still not able to clear the sprites with each change. I did consult Charlene's code on VoiceThread, but the code was way too confusing. I also checked other people's posts, but it is was too late to ask anyone and get a timely answer (I realize that this is my fault). As I was struggling with my background changing, sprite clearing problems, I reflected on how easy it would have been to do this project in a scheduled lab where you can look at others' computers and ask them questions in the moment.

In regards to the question of the week on "what is 'new media'"?, I think New Media is really defined by the medium. Books were once 'new media' and created new channels for the masses to access new knowledge. The same can be said for Scratch-- the ideas of planning, building, and debugging something is not a new concept at all. However, the medium makes this process much easier (and more fun) to access to the masses.

My Scratch project - Week 4

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  1. There is something about dancing on the bed that just makes me smile. =)

    How is the medium defining new media? Can you give me some examples?