Saturday, January 22, 2011

Disco is alive and well

So I knew that after looking at a few of the scratch videos, my only choice was to go disco. Ok, fine. I had lots of other choices, but the break dancing sprite was just calling my name. So I wanted to make my sprite, Break Dancing Bobby, do some sweet moves. I didn't really get to the sweet moves yet, but I was able to make him rotate between costumes and rotate the position so it vaguely resembles someone doing some break dancing. Hopefully by week 4 I can have him do the whole dance from Napoleon Dynamite:)

As far as Scratch, I think it is pretty cool, and I think I can see why kids would like it. I am still wondering how much they can really learn from it, but I do think that you can get some basic computer programming skills from playing with it. I have some basic computer programming skills so I understand the format of loops and scripts and things and I think that this is a pretty good way for kids to be exposed to some of these difficult concepts. (Perhaps I would have liked programming more if I had learned it this way.) It definitely did bring back some of my old programming language from the dark recesses of my mind. It does make me want to see what things I might be able to actually create with Scratch. My script was already getting a little long and I wonder how complex you can make the task before it becomes too crazy. I need to look at some more of the examples, because it seems like the scripts would get pretty long and complicated with this layout and I will be interested to see how some more complicated projects line up.

Overall it was fun and I hope to play more with this.


  1. I like how you added the images to your blog comment - how did you do that? I always attach the images to the bottom of the blog.

  2. Let me know if this helps!!

  3. Yes, Napoleon dynamite! Good luck on the dance --"Pedro offers you his protection." Your observation about liking programming is really pertinent to this week's reading. In the foreword to Papert's book you'll find his rationale for why liking, or even loving something, is so important to the learning process. I think that the question about what, if anything, can kids learn from a program like Scratch is an important one that I hope you continue to reflect on over the next two weeks. I think that you have some nice starts here. Equally important is the "how" in the learning process...